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Our Services

Home Inspections

We help you understand the major systems of your home and help you to make informed decisions that save you time and money.

Pre-Drywall Inspection

We’ll inspect new construction in the pre-drywall phase to identify defects before they are concealed by drywall installation.

Pre-Listing Inspection

We’ll help make sure that your home is in great condition and ready to be put on the market for a successful sale.

11th Month Inspection

As you approach the one-year anniversary of your home build, you will want to take advantage of your 11-month warranty and get an inspection on your home.

WDI/WDO Inspections

We’ll look for evidence of wood-destroying insects/organisms and educate you on how to protect your structures from them.
Oklahoma Pest Control Applicator License #8947
Florida WDO Inspector License # , offering WDO inspections through Termite Depot (1-800-991-9095)

Commercial & Multi-Family Property Inspections

A commercial inspection can save you time and money by providing a clear picture of the condition of the property.

Well, Water & Septic Inspections

It’s important to have well and septic systems inspected and well-water tested for harmful bacteria.
(septic inspections in Oklahoma only)

Sewer Line & HVAC Duct Video Scopes

By putting a flexible borescope camera down the sewer line or HVAC duct, we can find cracks, damage, and many other potential issues.

Pool Inspections

We’ll inspect for pool issues that you need to be aware of before purchasing the home.


Sprinkler System Inspection

We’ll inspect the sprinkler system and identify issues that need to be repaired.

Detached Structures

We’ll inspect outbuildings, workshops, garages, barns, cabanas, guest houses, and more.

Additional Units

We’ll inspect additional units attached to the structure such as an apartment, guest house, duplex, triplex, or quadplex.

Indoor Air Quality Mold Analysis

We’ll collect air samples and have them analyzed by the lab for mold types and counts present in the air.

Mold Sample Testing

Where visible/possible mold is present, we’ll take a sample to the lab for analysis.

wind mitigation

Wind Mitigation Insurance Inspection

We’ll inspect the structure for wind mitigating features that can save you money on your hazard insurance. (Florida Only)


Four Point Insurance Inspection

The Four Point Insurance Inspection is a limited inspection of four systems: Roof, HVAC, Plumbing, & Electrical that may be required by your property insurance company. (Florida Only)

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